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Firearms and Toolmarks

CSAFE 2020 All Hands Meeting

The 2020 All Hands Meeting was held May 12 and 13, 2020 and served as the closing to the last 5 years of CSAFE research and focused on kicking off
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Comparison of three similarity scores for bullet LEA matching

Recent advances in microscopy have made it possible to collect 3D topographic data, enabling more precise virtual comparisons based on the collected 3D data as a supplement to traditional comparison
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A Robust Approach to Automatically Locating Grooves in 3D Bullet Land Scans

Land engraved areas (LEAs) provide evidence to address the same source–different source problem in forensic firearms examination. Collecting 3D images of bullet LEAs requires capturing portions of the neighboring groove
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Pattern Evidence Research in CSAFE-An Update

CSAFE is a NIST Center of Excellence in Forensic Science. A large portion of CSAFE’s research portfolio is on what is known as pattern evidence, which encompasses any evidence that
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Reproducibility of Automated Bullet Matching Scores Using High-Resolution 3D LEA Scans

Development of automated bullet matching algorithms based on 3D scans of land engraved areas (LEAs) has become a prominent area of research in recent years. However, automated methods rely heavily
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Adapting the Chumbley Score to Match Striae on Land Engraved Areas (LEAs) of Bullets

The same‐source problem remains a major challenge in forensic toolmark and firearm examination. Here, we investigate the applicability of the Chumbley method (J Forensic Sci, 2018, 63, 849; J Forensic
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Automatic Matching of Scans from Hamby Sets: Friends, False Friends, and Clones

Over the past year, we have had the opportunity to scan several Hamby Sets from different Forensic Labs. Scans from another two Hamby sets are available from the National Ballistics
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An Experiment to Explore Persistence of Bullet Striations

After attending this presentation, attendees will better understand study design, 3D imaging, and persistence of bullet striations. Attendees will also learn about new technologies for comparing bullets using 3D images
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Comparing Cartridge Breechface Marks: 2D versus 3D

This CSAFE Center Wide Webinar was presented by Xiao Hui Tai from Carnegie Mellon University on January 31, 2018. Description: We will describe work that we have done on an automated
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Algorithmic approaches to match degraded land impressions

Bullet matching is a process used to determine whether two bullets may have been fired from the same gun barrel. Historically, this has been a manual process performed by trained
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