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NIST/NIJ Evidence Management Survey

NIST and NIJ seeking participants for Evidence Management Survey

Do you or your organization handle physical evidence?  If so, you can help develop best practices by completing the Evidence Management Survey. Input from this survey will be used to
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In recognition of a $5 million dollar grant from the Wilson Foundation, CSAFE partner institution Duke University renamed its Center for Science and Justice the Wilson Center for Science and
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Closed Source Forensic Software: Confronting the Evidence?

There is a persistent underlying flaw in the criminal justice system, stemming from unvalidated forensic science cloaked in intellectual property. Not only does this pose a risk when forensic evidence
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NIST Seeks Digital Forensics Experts to Participate in Vital ‘Blackbox’ Study

Objectivity and accuracy are the pinnacle of forensic science. Yet everyone can agree: humans make errors — but to what degree when it comes to digital forensic evidence-gathering and analysis?
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hand holding mobile phone showing multiple apps

Laboratories Learn About Accuracy of Forensic Software Tools through NIST Study

In a new article, NIST researcher Jenise Reyes-Rodriquez shares an inside look at her work testing mobile forensic software tools. She and her team explore the validity of different methods
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NIST and Noblis Seek Participants for Bullet Black Box Study

Are you a US firearms examiner who has conducted operational casework in the past year? NIST and Noblis are seeking participants for a bullet black-box study to evaluate the accuracy,
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NIJ Forensic Science Research and Devlopment Symposium

Now Available Online: NIJ Forensic Science Research and Development Symposium

Did you miss the 2020 National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Forensic Science Research and Development Symposium at the AAFS Annual Meeting? You can now watch the program online. In this
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NIST Releases New Report on Human Factors’ Role in Handwriting Evaluation

All human activities carry a risk of error, and handwriting examination is no exception. To reduce errors in this field, NIST convened the Expert Working Group for Human Factors in
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Tips for Students Pursuing Careers in Forensic Science

The exciting role of forensic scientist combines the power of observation, inference and research-based analysis to fight crime. From identifying the time of death to taking a closer look at
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OSAC Registry Ribbon

First Interdisciplinary Training Standard Approved by OSAC

The Organization of Scientific Area Committees (OSAC) for Forensic Science registry of approved standards now includes its first interdisciplinary training standard. This new standard provides guidelines to help laboratories ensure their team
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What Do Forensic Laboratories Need to Succeed? A DOJ Needs Assessment Explains

How can organizations like CSAFE and the federal government help forensic laboratories succeed? What would be most beneficial as they seek to address the needs of the field? The National
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NIST Ballistics Teams Preserves Kennedy Assassination Bullets

The NIST ballistics team recently undertook a unique project with great historical significance. Researchers created digital replicas of the bullet that fatally wounded beloved President John F. Kennedy using a
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