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Learning Opportunities

CSAFE Learning

CSAFE Learning is the ultimate education platform those working within forensic science. From quick videos to in-depth courses, this hub is full of cutting-edge research and real-world examples that help take your statistical knowledge to the next level.

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CSAFE provides workshops on topics related to probability and statistics as applied to forensic science disciplines. These free opportunities are offered on a range of topics and skill levels and are ideal for small or large groups. CSAFE can tailor any of its workshops to best meet the needs of your organization. Training can be scheduled on‑site or virtual. Contact us to discuss collaboration opportunities and scheduling.

One of our most popular workshops introduces quantitative tools to evaluate forensic evidence:

Survey of Quantitative Tools for
Forensic Evidence

This workshop will introduce you to the most often-suggested quantitative approaches: the two-stage approach and the likelihood ratio (Bayes factor) approach. You will discuss possible applications to different types of evidence.

90 Minutes | Cost: FREE

Student Learning Opportunities

CSAFE is passionate about mentoring the next generation of researchers—which is why we have ongoing opportunities for students to gain professional experience and prepare for a career in the criminal justice and forensic science.

From summer internships to webinars to a library of resources, learn more about our available opportunities.