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On-site and Virtual training available

Whether you are just starting out or already have a solid understanding of statistics, CSAFE’s workshops are designed to help you learn statistical concepts as they apply to the evaluation of pattern and digital evidence. Offered in a range of topics, these free opportunities are designed for practicing forensic science professionals and ideal for groups.

CSAFE can tailor any of its workshops to best meet the needs of your organization. On-site and virtual training options are available. Contact us to discuss collaboration opportunities and scheduling.

Choose Your Training Path


Choose an introductory workshop to learn the motivation behind quantitative tools used in forensic science.

A Way Forward for Forensic Science

How will statistics play a role in the future of forensic science? This workshop will give you an overview of statistics and its application in forensic science. You will hear about quantitative methods to evaluate evidence in various disciplines and about the barriers that need to be overcome to implement those methods in case work.

90 Minutes | Cost: FREE

Survey of Quantitative Tools for
Forensic Evidence

This workshop will introduce you to the most often-suggested quantitative approaches: the two-stage approach and the likelihood ratio (Bayes factor) approach. You will discuss possible applications to different types of evidence.

90 Minutes | Cost: FREE

A Deeper Dive

A deeper dive workshop allows you to deepen your understanding of statistical concepts and explore real‑world forensic science examples.

Introduction to Machine Learning
for Forensic Science

This workshop provides an overview of machine learning and how it applies to forensic evidence.

2, 4 OR 6 HOURS | Cost: FREE

Statistical Thinking for Forensic Practitioners

You will learn the key concepts from
probability and statistics, motivated by forensic issues, followed by a detailed investigation of how they apply to assess the probative value of forensic evidence.

4, 6 OR 8 HOURS | Cost: FREE


Learn how statistics apply to different forensic science disciplines. Select an area to add on to any workshop.

  • Footwear
  • Bloodstain Pattern
  • Latent Print
  • Firearms and Toolmarks
  • Handwriting
  • Digital Evidence
  • Statistics
  • Implementation and Practice


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Not sure which training path is right for you?

Let us help you find the best workshop option for your organization’s needs. Contact us to discuss collaboration opportunities and scheduling.

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