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Forensic Science Data Portal

Open-source Data sets

CSAFE offers access to open-source datasets and databases for forensic scientists and forensic researchers to implement in their laboratories. They can also improve the statistical rigor of their evidence analysis techniques by using our datasets and databases as a guide. As you implement CSAFE open source forensic data into your work, please contact us with any questions or concerns that arise.

We also invite you to review CSAFE contributions to the NIST Ballistics Toolmark Database.

Footwear Data sets

Pattern Evidence Data sets

Handwriting Database

A repository of 27 scanned writing samples from over 90 participants, making 2430 handwriting samples in total. In addition, survey data are available in a table format, including demographic variables and session specific information for each participant.

Glass Elemental Data Set

Data on the chemical composition of float glass samples. The dataset includes 31 panes of float glass manufactured by Company A and 17 panes manufactured by Company B.

Bloodstain Pattern Data Set

A dataset of 61 blood spatter patterns scanned at high resolution, generated by controlled impact events corresponding to forensic beating situations. 

Cartridge Case Scans

A repository of scanned cartridge cases stored in an XML 3D surface profile (x3p) file format. The files include the scanned cartridge case surface values in a 2D surface matrix and the metadata containing the scanning parameters.

Digital Evidence Data sets

Event-based Digital Forensics Datasets

Five datasets including email communications, mobile app usage, device location pings, web browsing and authentication.

Multi-Camera Smartphone Image Database

This database contains 50,018 JPEG images captured from six different smartphone models. It consists of a diverse range of imagery, including flatfield and natural scene images from each camera, making it a robust dataset for analysis and comparison.

Stegoapp DB: Forensic Image Database

A dataset of over 960,000 innocent and stego images using 10 different phone models from 24 distinct devices, with detailed provenanced data such as a wide range of ISO and exposure settings, EXIF data, stego app, message information, embedding rate and other information.


Examiner Surveys

This dataset reports the findings of a survey of forensic fingerprint examiners to capture baseline data related to reporting practices across the discipline and practitioners’ attitudes and characterizations of probabilistic reporting.

Firearms Expert Evidence Database

This database is a collection of reported decisions, chiefly by appellate courts, that discuss the admissibility of expert testimony regarding firearms comparison evidence.


Shoeprint Testimony

(coming soon)