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CSAFE Digital Forensic Researchers Win Best Paper Award at International Workshop

Yong Guan Best Paper Group Photo

CSAFE researcher and associate professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Dr. Yong Guan’s research team recently won Best Paper Award for their work in digital forensics at an international workshop.  The paper, “A Dynamic Taint Analysis Tool for Android App Forensics” presented by Chen Shi addresses challenges facing law enforcement investigators when searching for digital evidence data stored on the millions of available phone apps. Lack of sufficient expert-knowledge and the current method of manual app analysis has no guarantee on the completeness of evidence discovery. Reserachers discuss a new automated mobile app analysis tool to analyze apps and build a database to assist investigators in developing more complete and timely investigative results. This work was presented at the 12th International Workshop on Systematic Approaches to Digital Forensics Engineering in May 2018 in San Francisco, California. Learn more about this research in our new articles.