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Camera Device Identification and the Effects of Underexposure

Technology today allows a photograph from a digital camera to be matched with the camera that took it. However, the matching software was created over 10 years ago using data
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Statistical Methods for the Forensic Analysis of User-Event Data

A common question in forensic analysis is whether two observed data sets originate from the same source or from different sources. Statistical approaches to addressing this question have been widely
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Statistical methods for digital image forensics: Algorithm mismatch for blind spatial steganalysis and score-based likelihood ratios for camera device identification

Forensic science currently faces a variety of challenges. Statistically suitable reference databases need to be developed and maintained. Subjective methods that can introduce bias need to be replaced by objective
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Bayesian hierarchical modeling for the forensic evaluation of handwritten documents

The analysis of handwritten evidence has been used widely in courts in the United States since the 1930s (Osborn, 1946). Traditional evaluations are conducted by trained forensic examiners. More recently,
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