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Upcoming ASCLD FRC Lightning Talks Episode will Feature CSAFE Research

ASCLD Forensic Research Committee Lightning Talks

The October episode of the ASCLD Forensic Research Committee (FRC) Lightning Talks series will include a presentation from Adele Quigley-McBride, a Center for Statistics and Applications in Forensic Evidence (CSAFE) researcher.

The virtual episode will be held Thursday, Oct. 13 at 1 p.m. EST and will focus on the future of forensic analysis, interpretation and reporting.

Adele Quigley-McBride
Adele Quigley-McBride

Quigley-McBride, a post-doctoral fellow at Duke University, will present “A simple solution to a pervasive issue: A practical tool to mitigate cognitive bias in forensic decisions.”

Her talk will discuss how forensic analysts receive information from a multitude of sources, and every piece of information—even information irrelevant to their analytic task—has the potential to influence their perception, interpretation and evaluation of the evidence.

She will introduce a new, free information management toolkit that can help guide analysts through their evaluation of case materials, encourage transparent and reliable decision-making, and serve as a training tool when educating forensic analysts and other legal professionals on cognitive bias.

The information management toolkit was developed by Quigley-McBride and her research collaborators Itiel Dror, a researcher at the University College London; Tiffany Roy, president of ForensicAid; Brandon Garrett, CSAFE co-director and the L. Neil Williams, Jr. Professor of Law and director of the Wilson Center for Science and Justice at Duke University; and Jeff Kukucka, an associate professor of psychology at Towson University.

A CSAFE Insights was recently published that discussed the toolkit and accompanying journal article. It is available at

The ASCLD FRC Lightning Talks series highlights new and emerging research in all areas of forensic science. Each episode features three short talks given by practitioners, researchers or students. The October episode will feature talks from Quigley-McBride, Alex Biedermann from the University of Lausanne and Geoffrey Stewart Morrison from Aston University.

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