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Pennsylvania State Invites CSAFE Director to Present to Science Achievement Graduate Fellows

CSAFE Director Dr. Alicia Carriquiry encouraged the advancement of women in science and related fields at a recent Pennsylvania State University lecture. In November 2018, Dr. Carriquiry presented to The Science Achievement Graduate Fellows (SAGF) as part of an outreach for the SAGF scholarship program.

Carriquiry’s presentation, “Statistics and the Fair Administration of Justice” focused on applications of the Bayesian statistical framework for assessing the probative value of forensic evidence. She provided attendees with two examples illustrating CSAFE research to include chemical composition of glass fragments and the surface topography of bullet lands.

The SAGF scholarships are a new annual award given to outstanding graduate students seeking a doctoral degree at Penn State. SAGF recognizes students who serve as role models to their peers, and have a record of significant professional achievements in their field.

Visit the CSAFE Team page to learn more about Dr. Carriquiry and discover how CSAFE is applying statistical frameworks to multiple forensic science disciplines.