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Have you heard the news? Our NIST Partnership and Funding was Renewed!

For the past five years, CSAFE has been working alongside the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to collectively advance forensic science. Today, the CSAFE leadership team is pleased to share with our community that the center’s NIST partnership has officially been renewed.

“We’re excited to bring together our diverse group of researchers alongside the talented group at NIST to continue delivering resources for the forensics and legal communities for years to come,” said CSAFE Director Dr. Carriquiry. “The work we do in CSAFE 2.0 will build on what we’ve learned in the past five years and will emphasize moving our research from CSAFE laboratories into forensic laboratories and courtrooms. Our goal is to transfer results into practice.”

The team will launch CSAFE 2.0 initiatives beginning June 1, 2020. CSAFE 2.0 includes new research projects, as well as a more robust training program designed to help forensic scientists and lawyers apply statistical concepts to their everyday work in the lab or courtroom.

“CSAFE 2.0 features a renewed focus on probability and statistics for pattern and digital evidence. We’ve reorganized our research and updated our goals to ensure the work we do is directly applicable to the communities we serve,” Carriquiry said.

The second phase of CSAFE also includes reorganized advisory boards designed to maximize the expertise and strategic guidance of the forensic and legal colleagues. Another feature of CSAFE 2.0 includes free, public access to all of the center’s research publications, datasets and tools published on the center website

CSAFE has also added a new academic partner, West Virginia University. The team at WVU are leaders in forensic science education and their expertise will be invaluable as the center develops additional educational programs for students and professionals.

Collaboration remains a core value of the center, and CSAFE is proud to continue building on the vital partnerships established in the initial phase of the center. The CSAFE team looks forward to connecting with the forensic and legal communities at conferences across the country and a wide variety of CSAFE sponsored training programs over the next several years.

The center will kick-off CSAFE 2.0 at the All Hands Meeting on May 13, 2020. CSAFE leadership invites anyone interested in learning more about CSAFE to attend, registration is available on our events page.

“We are looking forward to celebrating this momentous occasion with you at the All Hands Meeting,” Carriquiry said. “Getting to this point has truly been a team effort and we are grateful for the continued support of the forensic and legal communities. The All Hands Meeting is an opportunity to thank you for your role in making CSAFE 2.0 possible. Please join us for an inside look at CSAFE 2.0 and to kick-off new relationships.”

Thank you to our community for your partnership the past five years, we look forward to working with you in CSAFE 2.0!