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Newly Released Handbook of Forensic Statistics Features Chapters from CSAFE Researchers

Handbook of Forensic Statistics

Several Center for Statistics and Applications in Forensic Evidence (CSAFE) researchers contributed to the Handbook of Forensic Statistics, a collection of chapters by leading authorities in forensic statistics.

According to the publisher, CRC Press, the handbook was written for statisticians, scientists and legal professionals having a broad range of statistical expertise. It summarizes and compares basic methods of statistical inference for trace and other evidence, the modern history and controversies in the field and the psychological and legal aspects of such scientific evidence.

Karen Kafadar, CSAFE co-director, was one of the editors of the book. Kafadar is a Commonwealth Professor and the chair of the Department of Statistics at the University of Virginia.

Listed below are the chapters authored or co-authored by CSAFE researchers with links to each chapter’s abstract. An asterisk (*) denotes a CSAFE researcher or collaborator.

Chapter 4. Comparing Philosophies of Statistical Inference

Hal S. Stern*

Chapter 6. Association Does Not Imply Discrimination: Clarifying When Matches Are (and Are Not) Meaningful

Maria Cuellar*, Lucas Mentch and Cliff Spiegelman

Chapter 16. An Introduction to Firearms Examination for Researchers in Statistics

Susan Vanderplas*, Alicia Carriquiry*, Heike Hofmann*, James Hamby and Xiao Hui Tai*

Chapter 17. Shoeprints: The Path from Practice to Science

Sarena Wiesner, Naomi Kaplan-Damary*, Benjamin Eltzner and Stephan Huckemann

Chapter 18. Forensic Glass Evidence

Karen Pan*, Junqi Chen and Karen Kafadar*

Chapter 21. Bringing New Statistical Approaches to Eyewitness Evidence

Alice J. Liu*, Karen Kafadar*, Brandon L. Garrett* and Joanne Yaffe

The Handbook of Forensic Statistics was published in November 2020. More information about the book is available at