Advisory Boards

Practitioners Advisory Board

The Practitioners Advisory Board comprises experts in the field of forensic science. The board provides guidance to the CSAFE leadership team on transitioning newly developed technology from research into practice. Its members’ goal is to assist in resolving issues related to adoption of new techniques as well as the implementation of training opportunities.

Senior Advisory Board

The Senior Advisory Board is responsible for providing comprehensive strategic direction to CSAFE activities. It serves to assess the soundness of CSAFE strategies and evaluates current performance against established goals. The members also prioritize seeking out opportunities to connect CSAFE to community partners.

Technical Advisory Board

The mission of the Technical Advisory Board is to facilitate the exchange of ideas between the statistical, legal and forensic community. It also serves to bridge the gap between the private, state and federal sectors in the field to promote collaboration. This board is responsible for advising the leadership team on the validity and quality of scientific research, and seeks to promote the integration of research topics with NIST directives.