Hal S. SternProfessor of Statistics, University of California, Irvine | Co-Director of CSAFE

Hal Stern is a Professor of Statistics at the University of California – Irvine. Hal is known for his research in Bayesian statistical methodology and model assessment techniques, and his current areas of research include applications of statistical methods in psychiatry and human behavior, atmospheric sciences and forensic science. He received his BS degree in mathematics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and MS and PhD degrees in statistics from Stanford University.

He has significant experience in addressing the role of statistical methods in the practice of forensic science. He currently serves on the Advisory Committee for an Arnold Foundation funded American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) quality and gap analysis of the forensic science literature. This two-year project is setting up teams to review the literature in ten different forensic fields. Stern also served on the NIST-NIJ Expert Working Group on Human Factors in Latent Print Analysis, which assessed the effects of human factors on forensic latent print analysis and recommended ways to reduce human error at various stages in the interpretation of latent print evidence.

Research reports:

  • Latent Print Examination and Human Factors: Improving the Practice (2012)
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