Datasets & Tools

Forensic Science Research Portal

The following CSAFE and NIST datasets are available to forensic scientists and researchers. Some datasets are free, while others are available for a fee. We invite you to use these resources to help with accurate evidence analysis techniques.

Shoe Print Database

*Coming Soon*


Bulletr Package

Analyze bullet lands using nonparametric methods. We provide a reading routine for x3p files and a host of analysis functions designed to assess the probability that two bullets were fired from the same gun barrel.

Cartridgesr Package

This package is a tool to compared cartridge case images.  The software reads, pre-processes and aligns images, computing a similarity measure and a probability of obtaining a higher score by chance. The goal is to provide objective measures that will help in inferring if two cartridge cases were fired from the same gun.

Handwriter R Package and Shiny App for Handwriting Analysis

*Coming Soon*

Please contact us with any questions or concerns that arise when using these resources.