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Leading Training and Education for the Forensic Community

CSAFE is working to create statistical foundations to apply to ever-advancing forensic technologies. Accreditation and education for forensic scientists, law enforcement officers, judges and lawyers, policymakers, the general public, as well as statisticians with interests in forensic applications is more vital than ever to uphold the integrity and capabilities of the criminal justice field.

CSAFE researchers believe continuing education is important and are developing courses to fit the needs of the diverse community of stakeholders. In a joint collaboration between researchers and forensic scientists, CSAFE is creating courses that:

  • Address basic topics in statistics and science in general.
  • Focus on specific forensic applications.
  • Aid forensic science investigators communicate their results to the general public.

Working with an extensive network of crime laboratories and other forensic service providers at the MFRC at Iowa State University, and existing collaborations among PIs, the FBI Crime Laboratory, ATF and other major forensic organizations, CSAFE researchers deliver continuing education courses and in-service training both in-person  and online through modules and webinars.

Our Latest Training and Education Learning Experiences

Forensic science and technology continues to advance and evolve, and CSAFE researchers are working with forensic scientists and others in the community to create training and education programs that address these changes. CSAFE online learning modules, training sessions and webinars help forensic professionals stay at the top of their profession.

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