A Partner to Our Forensic Research

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) provides the funds that established CSAFE and helps us move forward. Under an initial five-year agreement, NIST contributes to CSAFE beyond funding through partnerships on research projects and playing a key role in decision-making.

NIST, one of our nation’s oldest physical science laboratories, was founded in 1901 and has become part of the U.S. Department of Commerce. The laboratory supports the smallest of technologies to the largest and most complex human-made creations.

With regards to its support of forensic science, NIST funds the advancement of forensic policy and forensic practice with the goal of strengthening the validity of forensic evidence and supporting justice and public safety. The organization is “Bringing together experts from the forensic, research, legal, and law enforcement communities to strengthen forensic science and create a safer, more just society” with three key components:

  • Science
  • Policy
  • Practice

CSAFE is proud and grateful to be a part of this undertaking alongside NIST. Learn more at

  • Xiaoyu Alan Zheng
    Xiaoyu Alan Zheng Mechanical Engineer, NIST
  • Steven Lund
    Steven Lund Statistical Design, Analysis, and Modeling Group, NIST
    Area of Expertise: Shoeprints & Treadmarks
  • Simone Gittelson
    Simone Gittelson Statistical Design, Analysis, and Modeling Group, NIST
    Area of Expertise: Shoeprints & Treadmarks
  • Barbara Guttman
    Barbara Guttman Manager, Software Quality Group, NIST

    Area of Expertise: Digital Evidence

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