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Welcome to the New & Improved CSAFE Website!

CSAFE is pleased to announce the release of our redesigned website. After receiving another five-year round of funding from the National Institute of Statistics and Technology (NIST), CSAFE leadership realized that the website is the primary method stakeholders use to interface with the Center. This prompted them to initiate a redesign to best reflect the CSAFE team’s obligation to deliver resources to the greater forensic and legal community.

Providing direct access to CSAFE created databases, tools, current research and educational opportunities, the new website is an outward sign of the progress CSAFE is making towards its goal of establishing a strong statistics and scientific backing to the analysis and interpretation of forensic evidence.

“Our redesigned site allows the forensic science community to easily access the tools and resources CSAFE researchers continuously produce,” Dr. Alicia Carriquiry, Director of CSAFE said. “And, it invites them to engage with the CSAFE team through training and up-to-date information on the latest advancements in forensic practice.”

A feature of the next phase of CSAFE is an enhanced commitment to training and education. The new site will not only showcase recent CSAFE publications and presentations on the latest developments in forensic research to keep stakeholders informed, but it will also be a portal to the ongoing courses, webinars, seminars, and other educational opportunities delivered by CSAFE. It also highlights CSAFE collaborations with forensic practitioners, researchers, and the legal community.

Please check out our new website, and if you would like to partner with CSAFE or have questions, contact us to learn more.