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Join Us in Contributing to Forensic Education: Visit CSAFE at IAI

The CSAFE team will play a significant role in the upcoming International Association for Identification Educational Conference. Held July 29-August 4 in San Antonio, Texas, the conference is the largest organized event in the world for education in diverse forensic science disciplines and will provide participants with hands-on training in forensic physical evidence examination and crime scene processing.

CSAFE Co-Director Hal Stern from University of California, Irvine will lead the workshop “Statistical Thinking for Forensic Practitioners.” The workshop provides an overview of probability and statistics ideas that are relevant for forensic practitioners and discusses applications of statistics in forensic examinations. Topics include data collection, statistical hypothesis tests, reproducibility, reliability, likelihood ratios and Bayesian inference.

CSAFE researcher Dr. Jennifer Newman from Iowa State University will present her research on steganography, explaining how her team’s data may help the digital forensics community develop algorithms that more realistically address challenges faced by practicing investigators.

Dr. Daniel Attinger from Iowa State University will also present his CSAFE research on blood pattern analysis, sharing with attendees how his team’s new and original data set of blood spatter patterns is suitable for training or research purposes.

We encourage you to stop by the CSAFE conference booth to learn more about our research advancements and applications to the everyday practice of forensic science. We also look forward to discussing opportunities for collaboration and partnerships with the broader forensics community.