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January 2018 Analysis Reveals CSAFE Website Is Performing Well

The Center for Statistics and Applications in Forensic Evidence (CSAFE) launched its new website in June 2017.

“Our goal was to create an exceptional educational resource for all members of the forensic science community,” said Sarah Carraher, CSAFE Communications and Outreach Coordinator.

A six-month analysis of the website revealed that 62 percent of website users are new visitors.  “We are excited about the opportunity to share our mission with audiences who are new to CSAFE and hope the website serves as a way to continuously build partnerships,” Carraher said.

Resources Available on the CSAFE website

The new CSAFE website focuses on user interaction, and visitors can find the following information:

-Overviews of CSAFE research

News articles with in-depth looks at new technologies the center has developed

Education Center with webinars and other training materials

Resources such as forensic science reports and datasets

Forensic science blog

-Archived newsletters

Upcoming CSAFE and forensic science events

Analysis Results

The website analysis showed that an increased focus on valuable content and a new user-friendly design have been a successful approach to improve visitor engagement.  There have been 5,208 unique sessions from 3,261 CSAFE website users over the past six months. Analytics show that users are visiting multiple pages, and spending an average of almost three minutes on the site.

“We are excited about such positive results from a very new site,” Carraher said.  “From these numbers we know our communication strategies are effective.”

New Website Features

“Our team is continuously brainstorming additional ways to serve our audience well,” Carraher said.

New features such as a newsletter sign-up and place to request a CSAFE led training were recently added to connect readers to more CSAFE resources.

“We encourage you to stop back often to see the latest improvements and review our newest information!” Carraher said.

*Image used with permission from ScienceSoft, review their blog “How to understand website visitor engagement with web analytics.