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Have You Tried the New CSAFE Website’s Robust Search Tool?

Having access to the latest research, publications, and data is critical to remain on the cutting edge of forensic science. Recognizing this need, CSAFE implemented a new website featuring a more dynamic and practical search feature for forensic science professionals.

The ability to feature top CSAFE researcher’s latest publications, like Soyoung Park and Alicia Carriquiry’s Journal of Applied Statistics article on their new algorithm using edge pixels to quantify the similarity of 2D footwear impressions, or Brandon Garrett and William Crozier’s Journal of Forensic Sciences piece on their research into jury evaluations of forensic evidence, is a hallmark of the new site design.

We know forensic science professionals and the legal community are looking for CSAFE to publish their latest findings, and the new Resources section of the CSAFE website is where recent publications from each main discipline can be found. From there, users can click their preferred Topic Area, then select the format, from publications to webinars to archived training sessions.

For example, when seeking recent developments in bloodstain pattern analysis, you can click “Bloodstain” and immediately gain access to Yu Liu’s “Automatic Classification of Bloodstain Patterns Caused by Gunshot and Blunt Impact at Various Distances,” which was recently issued in the Journal of Forensic Sciences. For those searching for more precise virtual comparisons of bullets, selecting “Firearms and Toolmarks” reveals Susan VanderPlas’ Forensic Science International publication of her team’s research into comparison algorithms and similarity scores for bullet LEA matching.

The Resources section is constantly updated with the latest information from CSAFE researchers, so when searching for up-to-date and practical forensic data, training, or articles, visit the new CSAFE website.