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CSAFE to Sponsor Two Sessions as ABA Annual Prescription for Criminal Justice Program

CSAFE will sponsor two sessions at the upcoming Annual Prescription for Criminal Justice Program held by the American Bar Association at Fordham University School of Law in New York May 31- June 1,2018.  CSAFE researchers will lead the session, “New Technologies for the Analysis and Interpretation of Evidence”, which examines subjectivity inherent in the current practice of some forensic methods, such as firearms and tool mark examination, comparison of shoe prints, and many others.  The session will explore the lack of a measure of the uncertainty that is associated with every pattern evidence comparison as well as recent progress in the evaluation and interpretation of pattern evidence, and gaps in knowledge that have yet to be resolved.

The second session, “Likelihood Ratios for Pattern Evidence; The State of the Art and Some Alternatives” will provide a non-technical introduction to the use of likelihood ratios for use with pattern evidence in courts. Current limitations to the use of likelihood ratios in pattern evidence cases and possible alternatives will be discussed in Part 2 of the panel. In the third part of this panel, the “two-step” approach to assessing pattern evidence will be introduced.

Learn more about the conference and register to participate on the American Bar Association website.