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CSAFE Team Members Investigate the Stakes of Forensic Science Gone Wrong at Duke Law Conference

Duke School of Law

What are the stakes when forensics go wrong? On March 6, 2019 the CSAFE leadership team, researchers and advisory board members answered this question at a Duke Law School conference “Getting Forensics Right: Strengthening the Connection Between Forensics, Statistics and Law Ten Years After “A Path Forward.”

Keith Harward, convicted for a murder he didn’t commit and exonerated by DNA testing shared how faulty forensic evidence analysis impacted his life forever. To prevent miscarriages of justice like Harward’s case, attendees addressed the following key questions:

  • What has Changed (and What Has Not) Since the 2009 NAS Report?
  • How can forensic reports be writing a clearer, more accurate way?
  • What crime laboratory challenges in incorporating quantitative analysis methods?
  • What is the role of impact litigation in forensics?
  • What are the best ways to train lawyers to use statistics in the courtroom?

Did you miss the conference? View the recording and learn more.