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CSAFE Joins Practitioners at 2019 Forensic Science Conferences

During 2019, CSAFE researchers joined world-renowned forensic science professionals at prestigious conferences across the country. Center team members shared the latest CSAFE advancements through invited talks, poster and oral presentations.

Conference attendance at key events hosted by the American Academy of Forensic Science (AAFS), the Association for Firearms and Toolmark Examiner (AFTE), and the International Association for Identification (IAI) allows CSAFE to make valuable connections with the forensic community, learning directly from practitioners what they need and how CSAFE can help.

Together, researchers and forensic practitioners learn from each other about new methods, research, and education- discussing ways to move forensic science forward.

CSAFE researchers will present at the upcoming IAI conference in August. Please join us to learn more about our research, and stop by our booth to share ideas and discuss collaboration opportunities.

If you didn’t have the chance to connect with CSAFE at the AAFS and AFTE conferences this year, review a sampling of our presentations below. If you are interested in learning more about any of these projects, please contacts us.


American Academy of Forensic Sciences Annual Scientific Meeting

February 2019, Baltimore, Maryland

CSAFE Presentations:


American Association of Firearm and Toolmark Examiners

May 2019, Nashville, Tennessee

CSAFE Presentations: