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CSAFE Engages Forensic Science Community at AAFS Annual Meeting

CSAFE AAFS booth group photo

A large group of CSAFE research faculty and students participated in the 70th Annual American Academy of Forensic Science Scientific Meeting held in Seattle, Washington in February 2018.  The conference proved to be a unique opportunity for CSAFE to engage with the forensic science community, fostering research culture within the field and integrating forensic science research within the broader scientific community.  Several faculty and students presented CSAFE research, highlighting recent advancements in our mission to build a statistically sound and scientifically solid foundation for the analysis and interpretation of forensic evidence. Read more about the presentation of Iowa State University CSAFE graduate student Amy Crawford, one of two winners of “Best Poster” at the Young Forensic Scientists Forum. CSAFE also sponsored a conference booth, allowing our team to interact with conference participants interested in learning more about CSAFE research, education and training opportunities.