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CSAFE Engages With Audiences on Social Media

As a part of several new communication initiatives to increase engagement with diverse forensic science audiences, CSAFE joined the Twitter conversation in October 2017. We invite you to follow us @CSAFE_CoE.

The CSAFE Twitter account serves as an opportunity to provide up-to-date information on the center.  We share the latest CSAFE news stories detailing research success, blog posts relevant to broader forensic science topics, and promote Center Wide webinars where the forensic science community can learn how CSAFE research applies to real world investigations.

Visitors to the CSAFE Twitter can also find relevant information shared from top statistics and forensic science organizations regarding conferences, training opportunities and the latest groundbreaking advancements in the field.

Since adding Twitter to our communication strategy, CSAFE has tweeted 80 times and gained 53 followers.  Followers include statisticians, lawyers, forensic scientists, members of the Innocence Project and more.

Our goal is to bring the forensic science community the most relevant, up to date information on CSAFE resources with practical applications to real-world forensic science investigations. We look forward to your visits to @CSAFE_CoE.