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Behind the Scenes of AAFS: A CSAFE Conference Re-Cap

The American Academy of Forensic Sciences held its Annual Scientific Meeting on February 17-22, 2020. CSAFE team members joined 5,000 forensic science colleagues in Anaheim, California for a week full of networking, idea sharing and learning.

“CSAFE has a two-fold mission at AAFS. We are highly invested in learning about the state of the art in forensic practice and understanding where the community’s true needs lie. And second, the conference is a great opportunity to share with the community what type of research we do and the resources we provide,” said CSAFE Director Alicia Carriquiry.

Our team was excited to share the latest developments at CSAFE at a variety of scientific sessions. Did you miss what’s new in CSAFE research? You can still review our AAFS presentation slides below.

CSAFE AAFS Scientific Sessions

  1. Statistical analysis of handwriting: probabilistic outcomes for closed-set writer identification
  2. A Comparison of 2D Footwear Images Using Maximum Clique and Speeded-Up Robust Features 
  3. Android App Forensic Evidence Database
  4. A Wild Manhunt for Stego Images Created by Mobile Apps
  5. Applications of a Convolutional Neural Network for Automatic Classification of Outsole Features

If you’re interested in following up with one of the researchers, please email CSAFE Communications Specialist Sarah Carraher at to get connected.

The CSAFE team was also busy behind the scenes providing more information about the role of statistics in forensic science at our booth and enrolling new participants in our handwriting study. We also led AAFS’ first-ever machine learning workshop. Interested in learning more about what machine learning is and how it applies to forensic science? Read our news story about the workshop for more details.

You can find CSAFE at all major forensic science conferences, but don’t forget to stay connected with us throughout the year by signing up for our newsletter and following us on Twitter.  Here you’ll stay up-to-date on our latest publications, new research tools to help with evidence analysis and all our educational opportunities.