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2019 All Hands Meeting Poster Presentation Winners

Reproducibility of High Resolution 3D Bullet LEA Scans

First Place: Kiegan Rice, Iowa State University

Learn how CSAFE uses high resolution 3D microscopy to advance image-analysis algorithms for automated comparison of bullet land engraved areas using 2D signatures extracted from 3D scans.

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Automatic Identification of Footwear Class Characteristics

Second Place: Miranda Tilton, Iowa State University

CSAFE is using machine learning tools as an inexpensive and efficient way to automatically identify class characteristics of footwear outsole images.

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Developing Methods for Comparison of Cartridge Breechface Images

Third Place: Xiao Hui Tai, Carnegie Mellon University

Researchers are developing methods to determine if cartridge cases were fired from the same gun using algorithms to analyzing breechface images.

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