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2018 Research Experience for Undergraduates Concludes with CSAFE Research Presentations at University Symposium

2018 REU Research Symposium Group Photo

Students participating in the 10-week CSAFE Research Experience for Undergraduates summer internship program concluded their projects and presented final research results in a university wide symposium on August 2, 2018.  The symposium provided students with an opportunity to share their work with the university community and other guests through poster presentations.

Working under the mentorship of CSAFE post-doctoral researcher Dr. Samantha Tyner, REU participants from CSAFE partner institutions Albany State, Fayetteville State, and Iowa State University spent the summer investigating statistical applications to jury verdicts and forensic document analysis.  In their poster “Understanding Jury Verdicts Using Logistic Regression Modeling” students describe their results from a mock trial survey to determine which factors had the most influence on a jury’s verdict. Other students took a closer look at handwriting in their poster “Developing a Handwritten Letter Database and Classifier for use in Forensic Document Analysis” where they examine statistical tools to reduce human error in comparing handwritten documents.

The CSAFE REU is designed for students pursuing degrees in forensic science, criminology and related disciplines to have the opportunity to address critical, long-term national needs in forensic science alongside CSAFE expert statisticians and scientists. Learn more about opportunities for undergraduate students in the CSAFE Education Center.