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CSAFE Forensic Learning Opportunities

Tools and training provide forensic scientists and others in the community continuing education opportunities.

In a joint collaboration between CSAFE researchers and forensic scientists, we’ve developed in-person training and education as well as online modules and webinars that touch on a variety of topics relevant to the diverse forensic and applied forensic sciences communities.

Our courses address basic topics in human factors that influence forensic science, statistical foundations that can be applied to forensic science, and training and education for forensic scientists and other stakeholders. Individuals are invited to take courses at their own pace and will find that the assessments allow for optimal flexibility.

Check back regularly for new courses and opportunities, and please contact us with any interest in educational collaborations or with questions.

Learning in All of Our Research Areas

Human Factors
Learning Opportunities

CSAFE researchers have worked with forensic scientists and other key stakeholders in creating learning modules, training sessions and webinars that address how to reduce human factors in order to protect the validity of forensic evidence and the integrity of assessments and conclusions, and how we communicate them.

Statistical Foundations Learning Opportunities

With the help of forensic scientists, CSAFE researchers have created learning modules, training sessions and webinars that teach forensic scientists and other key stakeholders how to apply statistical foundations to help determine the probability of both pattern evidence and digital evidences’ validity, and how to analyze the results.

Training and Education Learning Opportunities

Forensic science and technology continues to advance and evolve, and CSAFE researchers are working with forensic scientists and others in the community to create training and education programs that address these changes. CSAFE online learning modules, training sessions and webinars help forensic professionals stay at the top of their profession.

Learning Available in 3 Formats

Forensic scientists and practitioners, lawyers, criminal investigators, applied forensic scientists, and more are encouraged to explore CSAFE learning experiences. Our researchers have worked with forensic scientists and other stakeholders in the forensic community to help develop courses that deepen understandings of statistics in forensics, further scientific applications to forensics and help forensic scientists communicate their findings to the general public in unbiased, clear and objective ways.

Online Learning Modules

CSAFE strives to create learning opportunities that the public and practitioners can learn from and study at their leisure. Each online learning module varies in length but individuals may complete them on their own time and at their own pace. Please check back regularly for new training and educational opportunities.

Archived Training Sessions

CSAFE offers a number of in-person educational sessions throughout the year and makes the slide decks available to the forensic community after the presentation. To attend a training session in-person, check the events page for any upcoming opportunities, or check back here for an archived presentation.

Want to bring a training to your area? Contact us for details.


In order to expand the reach and impact of our research, CSAFE invites the forensic science community and other scientists and researchers to participate in our webinars that touch on new forensic science research, findings and applications. Upcoming webinar topics are posted on our events page, and past webinars are available in our learning experiences area.

 Available Learning Opportunities

Harness tools and training that will help improve your accuracy, objectivity, and communication