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CSAFE Forensic Learning Opportunities

Harness tools and training that will help improve your accuracy, objectivity and communication as a forensic scientist or stakeholder.

In a joint collaboration between CSAFE researchers and forensic scientists, we are developing publicly available webinars that touch on a variety of topics relevant to the diverse forensic and applied forensic sciences communities. Our webinars address basic topics in human factors that influence forensic science, statistical foundations that can be applied to forensic science, and training and education for forensic scientists and other stakeholders. Check back regularly for new webinars, and please contact us with any interest in educational collaborations or with questions.

Available Webinars

CSAFE 2020 All Hands Meeting

  The 2020 All Hands Meeting was held May 12 and 13, 2020 and served as the closing to the last 5 years of CSAFE research and focused on kicking off new initiatives for the next phase of the [...]

Feature-based analysis of bloodstain patterns

A key task in the analysis of bloodstain pattern analysis is to identify the mechanism by which the stains were created.   Examples include impact, gunshot, castoff, and expiration.  This webinar [...]

Pattern Evidence Research in CSAFE-An Update

CSAFE is a NIST Center of Excellence in Forensic Science. A large portion of CSAFE’s research portfolio is on what is known as pattern evidence, which encompasses any evidence that can be [...]

Implementing Blind Proficiency Testing

This CSAFE Center Wide webinar was presented on July 18, 2019 by Dr. Robin Mejia, CSAFE researcher at Carnegie Mellon University. Dr. Mejia provided presentation slides. Presentation Description: [...]

How Jurors Evaluate Fingerprint Evidence

This CSAFE Center Wide webinar was presented on April 2, 2019 by Brandon Garrett, CSAFE researcher and the L. Neil Williams Professor of Law at Duke University. Brandon Garrett has provided [...]

Comparing Cartridge Breechface Marks: 2D versus 3D

This CSAFE Center Wide Webinar was presented by Xiao Hui Tai from Carnegie Mellon University on January 31, 2018. Description: We will describe work that we have done on an automated method to [...]

Explaining Source Conclusions to a Lay Audience

This CSAFE Center Wide Meeting Webinar was presented by Dr. William (Bill) Thompson from University of California, Irvine on November 30, 2017. Description: Forensic scientists are often asked to [...]

Harness tools and training that will help improve your accuracy, objectivity, and communication

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