Sabrina Cillessen
Program Manager

Virginia Department of Forensic Science

Sabrina started her career with the Arizona Department of Public Safety in 1998.  She conducted latent prints examinations, responded to methamphetamine clandestine labs and analyzed controlled substances. In 2006 Sabrina became the supervisor of the Latent Print section in addition to supervising DNA serology examiners and lab technicians. In 2011 she moved to east to join the Virginia Department of Forensic Science as the Physical Evidence Program Manager. The initial responsibilities include the quality and technical aspects of the Bloodstain Pattern, Questioned Documents, Latent Prints, Shoe/Tire Impression, Firearms & Toolmarks as well as the Digital Multimedia Evidence Sections. Due to the reduction in forensics services within the Department, her current responsibilities are focused on Latent Prints, Shoe/Tire Impressions, Firearms & Toolmarks and Digital Multimedia Evidence Sections. Sabrina works closely the Technical Resource Teams to ensure technical procedures are appropriate and meeting accreditation criteria.  During her time in Virginia, she implemented the Mideo Systems Inc. Latent Works for complete latent print case file documentation as well as random case selection for blind verification.  She is currently working with the Firearms & Toolmarks Section to implement 3D technology for the comparison of cartridge cases.

Sabrina graduated from Metropolitan State College of Denver with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with an emphasis in Criminalistics and a Master of Science in Pharmacy with a Forensic Science focus from the University of Florida. She served as an adjunct faculty member at Phoenix College teaching a Criminalistics: Biological Evidence course. Sabrina is a member of the International Association for Identification and the American Society of Crime Lab Directors.