Lam Nguyen

Cyber Forensics Laboratory at DC3

Mr. Nguyen is the Director of the Cyber Forensics Laboratory at DC3; a DOD designated Center of Excellence and an accredited ISO: 17025 forensic laboratory. Prior to his tenure at DC3, Mr. Nguyen managed digital evidence labs in both the public and private sector including the Drug Enforcement Administration, FireEye, Inc., Stroz Friedberg, LLC, and the High Technology Investigative Unit at the Department of Justice.  He is a recognized expert in the field of Digital Forensics and E-Discovery and has led large-scale international investigations in both criminal and civil cases; both domestically and abroad.  

In 2015, Mr. Nguyen was appointed to the inaugural Scientific Area Committee (OSAC) on Digital Evidence; an initiative led by NIST and the Department of Justice to strengthen forensic science in the United States. He currently serves as the Chair for the Digital Evidence subcommittee. Mr. Nguyen has also served as an adjunct at The George Washington University Masters of Digital Forensics program and at George Mason University. He has guest lectured at Harvard Law School, George Washington Law, the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and Bentley University.