NIJ Announces New Forensic Science Strategic Research Plan for 2022–2026

NIJ Forensic Science Strategic Research Plan 2022-2026

The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Office of Investigative and Forensic Sciences has published its latest four-year Forensic Science Strategic Research Plan.

The plan focuses on improving the quality and practice of forensic science through innovative solutions that support research and development, testing and evaluation, technology, and information exchange.

As stated in the plan, “NIJ developed this Forensic Science Strategic Research Plan to communicate its research agenda and advance its forensic science research mission. The strategic priorities and objectives outlined in this plan closely parallel the opportunities and challenges faced by the forensic science community.”

NIJ identified five strategic research priorities:

Each priority includes a comprehensive set of objectives and action items.

According to the NIJ, the strategic research plan should interest many stakeholders, including crime laboratory professionals, researchers and technology developers, the legal community, and policymakers.

The Forensic Science Strategic Research plan is available to download at