Where to Find Answers to Your Forensic Science Questions

Do you have questions about fingerprint identification methods, applications of criminal behavior, or another forensic science-related inquiry? Head over to the International Association for Identification research library to find over 2,000 resources to uncover the answers. Compiled by the world’s oldest and largest criminal identification organization, here you will find archives, manuscripts, books periodicals and more, all related to scientific criminal investigation. Readers can even dive back into the 19th century to learn what the field of forensic science criminal investigation was like in its infancy, leading up to today’s advancements.

Find out more about IAI’s mission to educate, critique and publish methods, techniques and research in the physical forensic science disciplines on their website. Be sure to also mark your calendars for their Educational Conference on August 9-15, 2020.

Another great resource is the NIST compilation of influential and seminal papers relevant to the quantification of the weight of evidence. Find it on their website.