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The Go-To Podcast for Everything Forensic Science

Headset Sound Wave Audio Microphone Radio Podcast

Your morning commute, lunch break or stop to the gym is a great time to check out the Just Science podcast. Designed for anyone interested at an inside look at crime laboratories, tune in to learn how taking steps to improve accuracy and efficiency solves more crimes. This effort by RIT International’s Center for Forensic Sciences covers a wide range of interesting topics, spanning every type of forensic discipline. We recommend the 2019 season “Forensic Advancement,” which dives into challenges facing leaders in the forensic community.

CSAFE tackles several issues addressed in this season. View the following episodes to hear our colleagues’ perspectives:

  1. Just Cognitive Bias Awareness
  2. Just Blind Proficiency Testing

Find more seasons on new technologies and broader challenges for science and public security on the Just Science site.