NIST Explores New Strategies to Implement Innovation in Crime Laboratories

 In Forensic Science

Research papers abound in forensic science journals each year, and yet often these innovative ideas never find their way into the crime laboratory. What exactly are the barriers, and how can the forensic science community successfully translate research into practice?

At the June 2019, Forensic Science Research Innovation to Implementation Symposium (RI2I), NIST leaders, forensic scientists, researchers and technology transfer experts joined together with laboratory professionals, business leaders and other stakeholders to brainstorm potential solutions.

If you missed the symposium, you can still tune in to hear the different perspectives from plenary sessions. Learn more about potential strategies to pave the way from fundamental research to innovation implementation on the NIST YouTube channel. Day One and Day Two sessions are both available for viewing.

Learn more about NIST forensic science research on their website, and discover how NIST and CSAFE partner to improve forensic science.

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