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An Inside Look into the Role of a Digital Evidence Expert

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In a new weekly series launched by TODAY, reporters investigate the future of work in today’s ever-changing society. Technological advancements are fueling the creation of new jobs that may not have even existed a few years ago, but are set to proliferate within the next decade.

A fourth installment in this series gives readers an inside look into the role of one type of digital forensic specialist. As digital crimes continue to increase from year-to-year, and the majority of information worldwide moves to a digital format, the article highlights an expected increased demand for this specialty.

Digital forensics experts contribute to criminal investigations in multiple ways. The TODAY article highlights one example, experts who are responsible for catching criminals behind cyber-attacks and security breaches. Authorities rely on these specialists to identify and preserve digital evidence, and piece together the events surrounding a crime.

In the article, experienced digital forensic experts highlight real cases, emphasizing that no two crimes are alike. The experts stress the importance of approaching each case with unique and creative problem solving.

“The role calls for very specific skills, including understanding an attacker’s perspective, deep technical skills especially in how systems work with one another, and sharp and analytical mind,” says one digital forensics specialist.

Dig deeper into the responsibilities of a digital forensic expert focused on cyber-security in the TODAY article, and learn how CSAFE researchers are investigating other applications of digital forensics such as steganography and user-generated event data on our website.