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Stronger Together: How Collaborative Research Is Paving the Way for Groundbreaking Innovation in Forensics

Scientific collaborative research is far from a new idea. Research papers rarely have one author. National funding organizations acknowledge the benefits of scientific collaboration. Today’s technologic advancements make working across institutions, across departments, between disciplines easier than ever.

Yet, as the Center for Statistics and Applications in Forensic Evidence, many are led to believe — and easily so — that we are a team composed solely of statisticians. While we do work with numerous statisticians, our research team comprises over 60 distinguished scientists and practitioners across departments and disciplines.

We collaborate with lawyers to analyze and research forensic testimony and evaluation of forensic evidence. We work with computer engineers, some of whom are undertaking mobile app forensic analysis. We have psychologists and behavior analysts on our team who investigate human factors at crime laboratories. We have mechanical, electrical and computer engineers some of whom are undertaking research in fluid dynamics in bloodstain pattern recognition.

How Collaborative Research Across Scientific Fields Expands Our Capabilities

The goals of CSAFE as a whole are to develop statistical foundations to help forensic scientists analyze and interpret evidence with consistent objectivity, and reduce human factors. We strive to help educate the community of forensic practitioners and other key stakeholders on how to communicate these complex results and implications in clear, honest ways. We work to translate groundbreaking research into practical applications for real-world forensic science investigations.

CSAFE’s key research areas require much time and effort, multi-disciplinary knowledge and a large network of people with varying capabilities and capacities.

Collaborative research also allows us to:

  • Share resources
  • Expand our scope of research
  • Lend more credibility to projects
  • Tackle the complex issues facing the forensic community

By incorporating a diverse group of scientists across fields of study, CSAFE has been able to undertake 29 current projects with others on queue for the future.

“The types of problems CSAFE aims to solve and the research in which we are engaged absolutely requires that we collaborate with scientists and practitioners,” said CSAFE Director Dr. Alicia Carriquiry.

Welcoming Collaborative Research Across All Fields of Science

CSAFE’s collaborative philosophy is simple and inclusive: By bringing together some of the most accomplished scientists and practitioners across scientific disciplines and from around the world, we are better equipped to build strong scientific foundations to apply to real-world forensic science investigations.

We welcome scientists from any field to contact us to discuss how you and your team could help undertake projects in our research areas.